Monday, August 17, 2009

Vacation 2009 – The Rides

Ahh, the rides. Last year we went after Labor Day so the only ride that was open for the kids was the carousel. This year, we made a point to take them to one of the piers and let them go on a bunch of rides.

We spent $50 (yikes) for 100 ride tickets and away we went. Both Meghan and Sean were just shy of 2 of the height requirements. Sean was not quite 36 inches so he had to miss some of the rides. And Meghan was just shy of 42 inches so she also missed a few. But, there were still plenty and we managed to go through those tickets without a problem. In fact, Meghan cried when we ran out because she didn’t go on a few of them.

I already posted my absolute favorite picture but here are some more.

There was the carousel again (of course).

DSCF0007a DSCF0011The Ferris wheel.

DSCF0084a DSCF0087a

The log flume.


I am not so sure Meghan enjoyed this one.


The fun house.


Lots of cars and buses and bugs.




And, what appeared to be a favorite, the big slide.

DSCF0078aDSCF0079a I even went down the slide.

DSCF0129a DSCF0130a

Gotta zoom in on these.



Well, at least Sean looks like he was having fun.