Friday, August 14, 2009

Vacation 2009 – The Pool

DSCF0025aSee where Sean is sitting? Right there on the top step? That is where he wanted to stay. He was just find right there thankyouverymuch. He could do everything he wanted to from that step.

DSCF0031He could play with the ball.

DSCF0047aHe could play with the noodle.

DSCF0036aHe could even play with Meghan. He was happy. When we tried to bring him into the pool this is what we got.

DSCF0051aNot happy.

Meghan, however, was a little fish.

DSCF0026a Once she realized the swimmies were keeping her afloat there was no stopping her. You would turn your head for a second only to turn around and find she made her way to the deep end.

She decided that the swim mask was an essential part of her pool ensemble.*


Which was okay with me because it was very adorable.



*That picture was taken underwater with our new camera. It felt very, very wrong taking the camera into the pool let alone sticking it underwater. But, it passed the test.

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