Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation 2009 – The Introduction

Our vacation started just like it has every other year. Most of the car was packed the night before. We got up, fed the kids, packed last minutes things and headed off (after a quick stop and Dunkin’ Donuts of course). In the past we made it all the way to Tom River before stopping for lunch at McDonalds. This year, I guess we left a bit later than usually because we did not hit the Garden State Parkway until around 11:30AM. After a quick discussion we decided to stop at a rest stop and feed the kids their lunch a bit early. And boy, am I glad we did.

Four hours! It took us about for more hours to get to Seaside Heights. Apparently there were accidents. We did not see any. All we saw was bumper to bumper traffic all. the. way. That sucked.

My original plan was to recap day by day but, honestly, it’s all a big blur. I remember Saturday. Because of the hellish drive down. I remember Sunday, a little. It was Ryan’s birthday. I’m pretty sure it rained. I think we ate spaghetti and meatballs and I know there was angel food cake and candles. But the rest is mush. I only have the date stamps on the photos to guide me along. So, instead, I’ll recap in a totally random fashion over the next few posts. Basically how I live my life.

I did buy a new camera for this trip. I was afraid to bring my other camera on the beach because, well, sand + kids = bad for camera. I found this one:

It’s waterproof and everything. And yes, I did try that out. All the picture I took on this trip were with this camera. Here was my test shot.


I’m now going through the rest of the pictures and getting more posts together. I know, pins and needles, right?