Thursday, August 13, 2009

Vacation 2009 – The Beach


We hit the beach a few times this year. Definitely not everyday. The rain and not feeling so great kept us away some days.

Meghan? Loved the beach. She was not too crazy about the ocean. She would put her toes in but did not want to go any further. And there was some running from waves. But she had a blast searching for shells and playing in the sand.


Some things to note:

  • Meghan will always walk across the blanket with her sandy feet. Even 2 seconds after you tell her not to.
  • Meghan throws sand EVERYWHERE. I got a bunch in my head one day. I didn’t realize it until I took the rubber band out of my hair in the bathroom and heard a shower of sand hit the floor. Also? I found a shell in my hair while showering. No lie.


Sean? Not so fond of the beach. He tried his best to keep his feet out of the sand. But, on the days he warmed up to the idea of playing in the sand he had no problem dumping it on other parts of his body. Just not his feet.


He HATED the water. I think I still have marks on my body where he clung to me if we even started to approach the water. It sounded like we were torturing him. Things to note about Sean:

  • He will fight a nap on the beach like nobody's business. And when/if he finally does fall asleep, any stray voice will wake him up. This is not good on a crowded beach.
  • If you attempt to carry Sean to the water be mindful of where your swimsuit top is positioned. He grabs onto whatever he can and hangs on for dear life.
  • Bring lots of tissues. There will be snot.

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