Monday, July 27, 2009

Pre-Vacation Chaos


Alternate Title: My Brain, It is Mush. 

We are once again headed to the Jersey shore And I have, once again, left a lot to be done the last week.  I’ve been rescheduling missed doctor’s appointments and missed speech therapy sessions.  The storage place needs to be renewed.  The recycling needs to be returned.  A trip to the bank must be made to get check for rental place.  Not to mention all the packing.  And all the laundry that must be done first so that we have something to pack.

I’m pretty sure my brain is already shutting down because I have been running these lists through it non-stop.  So far I managed to blank on my on doctor appointment, forgot to return frozen chickens to freezer after searching for something else, and, just now, I put the wrong detergent into our HE washing machine.  When I look through the window all I see is suds.  I’m wondering how many times I’ll need to run it empty before I can put more clothes in there.

The worst, however, was when I realized that one of the things I lost when my laptop went kaput was my life-saving packing list.  I’ve used it for years.  I had a tab for the shore and a tab for the resort.  It listed everything from sheets to sippy cups.  Now I must recreate it and I’m sure we will forget something.

Off to assess the damage I did to the washer….


Kimberly said...

Enjoy your vacation! I hope our weather cools off just a mite for you. It's hot and muggy.

Dorene said...

That is the type of weather we, unfortunately, seem to get every year. So at least there will be no surprises. It's just not the same if the temperature of the sand is not equivalent to hot lava. There is nothing like carrying all our beach gear in addition to the kids who refuse to walk.