Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer? Is that you?


After weeks and weeks and weeks and omgimgoinginsane weeks of rainy cold weather, we finally have had a few summer-like days.  Finally.  Mid-July.

Food has been grilled.  The patio set has been used.  And popsicles have been consumed outside.  Yesterday I even blew up the kids pool.

Wednesday mornings are busy so I didn’t get to blow up the pool until noon-ish.  And then it had to be cleaned.  And then it had to be filled with water.  And as it was filling I noticed that it could probably use more air so I added more.  And it was still filling with water.  Freezing cold water straight from the hose.

The pool was finally ready around maybe 2-2:30 PM.  Meghan dumped all her pool toys in and jumped in.  And immediately jumped out.  Can’t say I blame her.  It was chilly.  She was happy to walk around the outside and play with her toys.  She did jump in one more time before we called it a day but never got anything above her knees wet.

Later I noticed that the pool seemed to be squishing down on one side.  All the water had started to leak out.  *SIGH*  We have a hole.  Somewhere.  The pool lasted us at least two summers so I’m not going to complain too much. 

Today we headed out to get a new pool.  I was surprised to find a ton or them at Walmart.  I suppose there has no reason for anyone to buy one before now. 

It’s raining here (again) today but tomorrow’s plan is to get the new pool up and ready.  Summer better stick around for awhile.