Thursday, February 05, 2009

I think I may need to read the manual.

Things just keep breaking around here. I mentioned our appliance failures in an earlier post. After that our camera dies. But, that was replaced rather quickly.

The big purchase was the washer and dryer. The washer and dryer I had been using came with the house. I have no idea how old they were. I would often refer the the washer as a ghetto washer. Why? Let me show you.


Looks good from this angle right? Well, now take a closer look at the washer options.

IMG_4172 IMG_4173

That's everything. My options were:

Big load or Small load

Long wash or short wash.

No water temperature options. No delicate option. Nothing. Basically it was throw everything in and turn it on.

Now I am at the other extreme.



Just look at all the options. The buttons. The lights. Ooh, pretty!

I am now trying to figure out how to do laundry all over again.

1 Comment:

Kimberly @ said...

Holy crap...nice washer/dryer! Is that a SHIRT icon in the display?

All you need is a dock for an MP3 player! ;)

(My inner 16-year-old is mortified that I'm ooohing and aaahing over a washer/dryer set.)