Monday, February 23, 2009



A little over a week ago a group of women came to the house to evaluate Sean for the state's Early Intervention program.  I called them about 2 months ago because Sean's speech did not seem to be developing beyond a few Momma's, Da Da's and baabaa's.  I was not overly concerned because he obviously understands everything we say and seems to be on track everywhere else.


They showed up with a pile of paperwork and a bag of toys (at nap time, ugh).  Sean did great.  He interacted with them.  Completed their puzzles.  Followed their requests.  But, he said nothing.  Well, that's not entirely true.  He said "shoe" once as they were finishing up.  Before they even added up his score they said he would definitely qualify for his expressive speech.  The scores for every other category were above age level but his speech showed him almost 10 months behind.


I'm glad he qualified.  I was afraid he would just miss the cutoff.  Now, I know he can say more than he did during that session.  However, Ryan and I are the only ones who can understand these words because we know what he is trying to say.  I am now waiting for our contact to call so we can start to plan his sessions. 


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Kimberly @ said...

Oh my gosh, what a smile!

My little brother (seven years younger & not so little anymore) took a while to talk. He had some words that my parents and I understood. Plus, I did a lot of his talking for him, being the bossy older sister.

Now he won't shut up. :)