Monday, August 18, 2008

The weekend wrap-up

I've not felt much like posting lately. It seemed like just more of the same here. We did have a relatively busy weekend (relative to our normal sit-on-our-butts marathon).

Sean had his ultrasound appointment. He did a well as can be expected. A good portion of the test they needed him to lie on his stomach so they could look at his kidneys from behind. The last thing an 18 month old wants to do is lie still on his belly. So we struggled quite a bit with that. We are not expected to hear from the doctor on the results until sometime this week.

We had an appointment to see a financial advisor. This meant dragging the kids along to the office in Worcester. I brought snacks, games, drinks, and the DVD player hoping (praying) it would be enough to keep them busy. Umm, no, not really. I could not get the DVD player to work until we were almost done. Sean was leaving a trail of cheerios around his office. (Oh, and I totally expected to be meeting some underling who would ruin through the routine and send us away with paperwork. Instead it was like the VP or something there to meet us. They must have thought we had a LOT more money than we actually do.) Meghan was constantly yapping. Fun times.

Saturday was also the day I needed to get some shopping done. At Best Buy and BJs. During tax-free weekend. That's right, it was a bit crazy out there. At least I knew exactly what I needed. Meghan and I were in and out of Best Buy in like 10 minutes. BJs took a little longer. There were people walking out with flatbed carts fulled with multiple flat screen TVs. It was nuts.

Although this was yesterday I am kinda blanking on what we did. Let's see....Ryan mowed the lawn. I'm pretty sure I did laundry. Nope, don't remember. We did have someone stop by to discuss what we would need to do to sell our house. Her initial range for listing price was not what we were hoping for. So that kinda sucks.

So far, I am dressed, on my second latte and have filled the kids pool for later today. I am sitting here with my shopping list and hope to get there within the next hour or so, which means I need to stop typing soon.

Bloggy updates:
I added "Mad Men" to my Currently Watching list there on the left. It is a really go show but I am not sure I always have the attention span to watch it. I get a little lost sometime, forgetting people's names so I am not able to fully follow their story line unless they are on the screen. I blame the sound on the TV. Maybe it is just me but I always have to turn the volume WAY up to follow what is going on. Is there a sound problem? Do they mumble? Talk to fast? Or (more likely) did I doze off a bit?

If you are not looking at this through a reader you will notice I changed the background from the blue pattern to plain white. I think I like this much better. But, tell me if you miss the blue.

Okay, now I really need to get going.

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Val said...

it's really nice to be able to catch up with my cousins :-)

where are you moving to?