Monday, August 04, 2008

This week's project - The Sippy Cup

Sean REFUSES to drink out of a sippy cup. Well, that is not entirely true. On occasion, he may drink out of one type of sippy cup, maybe. I've tried just about every type of cup out there. My cabinet is proof.

I think the kid is just too lazy to suck the soy milk out of the cup. At this point the nipples on his bottle are so worn that the stuff probably just flows out. In fact, the one cup he will use has not stopper in it, so basically you turn it upside down and out comes the liquid.

Starting today, I am going to try and force the sippy cup on him. I have been hesitant to do this before because of his weight and eating issues. But, it needs to happen sometime. We are going on vacation the beginning of next month and I would rather not bring bottles if at all possible.

Let the challenge begin!

(Before I could even post this Sean won the first battle. I gave him a sippy cup with his breakfast at 7:30. By 9:00, the cup was still full. And he was crying for his "ba ba". So, he now has his bottle. I'll try again at lunch.)

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Kris said...

Oh I am sorry... My daughter did not like bottle or sippy at first. Sippy's couldn't have that stopper at all... Finally we got her to use the Nuby Sports Sipper. Has this soft straw that kind of looks like a squared off bottle nipple lol. If it works though I'm not gonna complain. We're still not pushing it though.

Hope the transition goes well for you... or gets easier.