Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We have food and milk so why leave the house?

Today has been one of those lazy days. I could blame the fact that it has been raining or threatening to all day. But, to be honest, even if it was beautiful out, I am not sure the day would have gone any differently.

It is now almost 3:30 and beside the normal task of keeping the kids alive and fed I've gotten the following accomplished:

  • I am dressed. Although I just changed from pjs into a pair of sweatpants. But that counts, right?
  • Um, no, I did not shower. But I did brush my teeth.
  • And the kids are clean AND dressed. They were both getting a bit...crunchy. So they had bath time after lunch.
  • I moved wet clothes from the washer to the dryer.
  • I left a message trying to get Sean's test results.
  • I watched a cheesy Amanda Bynes movies while I ate lunch.

I suppose I should do the dishes at some point. And maybe get the mail.

A nurse did return my call with Sean's Celiac test results. Everything came back negative. So the previous wacky results were probably due to the bad test. Not sure what the next steps are because our doctor is not in the office (again) and won't be back until Monday.

Also, Sean has only had one bottle so far today. Everything else was in a sippy cup. So far so good....

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Z said...

I need one of those days. Sometimes you just need to stay in and in your PJs...