Friday, August 01, 2008

The last few bulleted form

I have limited creativity today and limited time. Here is our life as of late:

  • Meghan always wants to help. For example, if Sean is supposed to be napping and she hears him, she says "Sean's awake!", runs in his room, turns on the light and starts giving him toys. Even if he was only put down 15 minutes ago. Even if I NEED him to nap longer. W
  • We've left the house every day this week. Even if only for a quick trip to the store.
  • One trip was to the mall. Sean and Meghan got to go on a little ride.
  • Last night we met Ryan at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. That's right, the Cheesecake Factory. Where they serve just about nothing Sean can eat. Needless to say I packed his food. But our meal was yummy.
  • As we were waling to the restaurant, Meghan said "Mmmm, something smells delicious".
  • I called Doctor yesterday to try and get test results for Sean. Only part of them were in (everything but Celiac) and those all came back normal. I was told the other may not be in until Monday.

Time's up. Sean is awake. Off to run some more errands. See, leaving the house again.