Thursday, December 20, 2007

What? Winter Has Not Started Yet?

I'm ready for winter to be over. It is not even 12/21 yet. So it has not even offically started. We had 2 big size storms (second bigger then they thought) and it is still snowing here.

It is been an extremly busy week. Let's review my list:
  • Shopping - Um, still not done. I was online shopping earlier this week and any store that would guarantee 12/24 delivery. Now we still need to stop at a few stores and hit the mall.
  • Decorating - I started. Artifical tree is still in a box in the living room.. i am hoping to get that up today.
  • Performance reviews - Almost done. I delivered 3. Have one to deliver today. And one more to tweak for delivery tomorrow.
  • Cookies - Done. :-)
  • Christmas cards - Done!

So I feel like I have not stopped doing stuff all week. But nothing really looks done. And I am running out of clean clothes. i don't think my outfit matches today. Oh well.

Now I need to run out in the snow for a appointment and some shopping. I hate driving in the snow.

Backyard view