Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Storms are a'comin'

Our weather forcasters are all in a tizzy about two significant winters storms headed our way (read: lotsa snow). Great. Of course, these hacks experts are not always right. All I know is that this is just another thing screwing with everything else that needs to get done before Christmas.

Just a sampling:

  • Shopping - So I started off great this year. Then things came to a screaching halt after some credit fraud (one way to get me to slow down online). Now I am behind.
  • Decorating - We have not even retrieved the boxes down from the attic. Our Halloween pumpkin is still on the front step (it has become a meal for some sort of wildlife). Now, the snow means no lights on the house this year. Perhaps we can throw out a few net lights if we can find the bushes.
  • Performance reviews - Work related but still needs to get done. The snow means we will probably have to leave work early tomorrow. So I will have less time to finish and deliver them.
  • Cookies - This hopefully will get done. I bought the ingredients today. I hope I remembered everything.
  • Christmas cards - I have them. I also have the blank labels. I think I need stamps. I definitely need to update my address list.

Oh, and our oil heater stopped working today. Its getting cold in here. The service guy just finished up so hopefully it will start warming up soon.

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Anonymous said...

OK, it's been about a week. I'm getting worried. How are you out there?