Tuesday, December 04, 2007

But Everything I Cook Has Cheese In It

I think we may have a milk allergy.

Both Meghan and Sean were on soy formula almost from day one. When Meghan was somewhere between 6-9 month we made the switch to regular milk-based formula. No problems at all. We have been trying to do the same thing with Sean. It has not been going very well.

After a failed attempt to move him off soy a few months ago we tried again yesterday. His bottle had 6 ounces of soy formula and 1 ounce of regular. He drank 1 ounce and immediately started puking. Everywhere. Projectile. Messy.

That is pretty much his reaction every time we tried. So, I have lotsa questions for his doctor on Friday. What does this mean? Does he need to move to soy milk at some point. Is everything with dairy off limits? Pudding? Yogurt? Mashed potatoes? Cheese? This may make the move to some solid foods more difficult. Meghan just about lived on mac & cheese when she was one. I'll need to learn to cook without cheese and milk. Is that even possible?

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9milemom said...

My youngest daughter, now 9, was nicknamed Wyatt when she was a baby. (as in Wyatt Urp!) She urped everywhere after only a few ounces of formula. We just figured she had a small tummy. We changed formulas a few times, she still did it. So we just resigned ourselves to learning when she was about to urp and to doing extra loads of laundry.

As she got older she always complained her tummy hurt. We "made" her drink her milk at dinner though she didn't want it we thought she was just being picky. She also had trouble with constipation.

All this time, no doctor ever mentioned milk allergies.

But as a stubborn mom, I pursued it. After hours of reading online late at night....it all added up to a mild milk allergy.

At this point she was five! Poor thing...all these years of forcing her to drink something that was making her so miserable! Talk about feeling like a bad parent!

Now we don't make her drink milk and she doesn't eat ice cream and pizza on the same day. We do give her calcium supplement, but we've had trouble with cavities so keep that in mind if you find that there is a milk allergy.

Also, be very careful about anything that says it is soy. Some products still have milk enzymes in them. So read those labels!!!