Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ahh.. Christmas Presents

I've been tagged by Sophie with my first meme. The theme is to list a favorite present from childhood, adulthood and what I would like in the future. I have trouble remembering what I ate for lunch yesterday but here it goes.

Christmas Past: This is tough because of my previously mentioned memory issues. I also think that because my birthday is not that far from Christmas I cannot remember what I when (sorry Mom and Dad). One gift I do remember is my Cabbage Patch Kid Doll. I ended up with a few of these over the years. But I do believe one (perhaps my first) was for Christmas. I think most people remember it was the gift sometime back in the mid-ish eighties. My mom will tell you tales of waiting in line hours before the stores opened to get one of the limited quantities available.

Christmas Present: Hmm. I generally have a difficult time when, as an adult, I am asked what I want for Christmas. My go-to request is a gift card. However, one year we asked for and received a TiVo. Let me tell you, that thing gets the most use out of everything else I can think of. I love our TiVo. So much so that this year Ryan and I are giving each other a joint present. Our TiVo HD arrived in the mail yesterday. Woo Hoo! Now we can record even more shows we have no time to watch. In HD no less. We used to always watch Lost in HD but then they move it to past my bedtime (10:00PM. I know. Pathetic.). But now, we can record in HD and watch it at a more old people friendly reasonable hour (if the show ever comes back anyway).

Christmas Future: I am hoping that if, if not next year then the year after, we will be celebrating the holidays in a new house. We really have outgrown the current one. I am forever tripping over plastic things because the kids do not have a proper playroom. And now that we no longer have a guest room our family must sleep amongst the plastic stuff on couches and blowup beds. A (preferably brand spanking) new house is definitely tops on my list.

This is the point where I am supposed to tag three new people. But, since I am relatively new to the blogging world I'll leave this up to you. If you would like to join the fun and post your own answers go for it. You can use the image above that was created by Burgh Baby's Mom.


Burgh Baby said...

Tivo is my favorite gift that I ever bought my husband. I fought him tooth and nail about the dumb thing and finally just gave in and gave him one for Christmas. Now I'm the one constantly using it. Who has time to watch primetime TV with a Toddler, right?

(I popped over here from another site and just have to say, Sean is SO CUTE! And dairy allergies? That would suck. Big time. *Knocking on wood that we never have to deal with them.*)

Anonymous said...

Cabbage Patch doll, you say? Oh yes, I remember those. You won't believe it, but my mom is buying Pumpkin one for Christmas. Perhaps it'll be one of her favorites. I don't live too far from Babyland General, but I've never been. Who knows, maybe someday.

I know what you mean about getting to bed early AND living in a too-small house. Think IKEA!!

Thanks for doing the meme. That was fun to read your memories.