Sunday, August 01, 2010

How is is August already?


I’m in shock.  August.  I can still remember how much last winter sucked and I am not ready to give up the warm weather.  Yes, our house turns into an oven sometimes but I still prefer that to snow and ice.

I figured it was about time to check out the list I created back in June to see if we actually accomplished anything.  Here we go:

Tickets to see Walking with Dinosaurs.  - DONE

Tickets to the Circus.  - DONE

Zoo membership  - Went multiple times.

Trip to Cape Cod. – Going in a few weeks

Preschool soccer for Sean - Started

Swim Lessons - DONE

One week of Cheer for Meghan – Starting soon

Trips to visit family in Jersey and NY. – DONE and DONE


Story Land – Probably not gonna happen this year.

Squeezing more into August may be a bit difficult.  Meghan is registered for Cheer this fall and she has 2 practices a week starting next week.  But still, not bad at all.  We even booked a trip for our anniversary this fall.  Bahamas.  Three nights.  No kids.

Also, looks like we have dates set aside for a trip to Disney in the Spring.  I love, love, love having things like this to look forward to.