Friday, September 04, 2009

Have I got a diet for you


Sean had his checkup with the Growth and Nutrition Clinic last week.  I sort of new that he was not going to astound them with a tremendous weight gain.  He had a stomach virus the week before so he probably lost some ground there.  However, I was hopeful that he had gained enough to consider his graduation.


He weighed 24.4 lbs.  Last time we went he weighed…(checking blog archives)…crap, can’t find it, but he did weigh 23.2 lbs at his 2 yr checkup.  That was in March.  So not great.

I think they have run out of idea on how to get him to gain more weight with just regular food in his diet.  How does one gain weight with no dairy anyway?  Everything he eats is soy or tofu based.  He has the occasional chicken nugget but it’s tough getting him to eat much else.  I try to load him up with pasta, bananas, bread, anything he will eat, and all loaded with dairy-free margarine. It hasn't helped.

The plan now is to add extra calories to his soy milk with a few scoops of Doucal.  We head back again in October. 




Nowheymama said...

Oh dear. Did they give you any suggestions?

Not So Exciting Andi said...

Will he eat avocados? How about oatmeal with a couple tablespoons of peanut oil added in? Or will he eat peanut or soy butter? I'm new here (from allmediocre!), so you may have talked about trying these, but I'm just thinking of ideas I used with my skinny boy. He also loves pork breakfast sausage, which is super high in fat and calories, if he might give that a try. Good luck!

Dorene said...

One suggestion the nutritionist had was something called Bright Beginnings. It is like Pedia-sure but with soy instead of milk. I was going to order some and see if he likes it.

When he was younger I fed him avocados. He wasn't a big fan but ate them because I was shoving the spoon in his mouth ;). I haven't tried them recently. We've slowly have been trying to get him to eat peanut butter. He is now at the point where he will take one bite of a PB&J without gagging or throwing up. Progress!!

Andi, thanks for reminding me about oatmeal. While he didn't like oatmeal he used to love cream of wheat. He ate it most of last winter. I would put applesauce and loads of smart source in it. I have no idea why I stopped giving it to him. I'll have to go out and get some more.