Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Summer is over. We are expected to go places now.


This week is the week we need to ease into our fall schedule.  Today is Meghan’s dance class, tomorrow: parent’s night at school, Thursday: mini-day at preschool.  Next week is the first (almost) full week at school for Meghan.  She will be going 4 afternoons a week this year.  I know she cannot wait to start. 

Monday is also the day I’ll need to hand out her birthday party invites.  The parents are going to love me.  “Hi! You don’t know me but here is a birthday party invite for your kid.  I’m sure our kids will know each other by October 3rd.”  Ugh.

We also just joined the local YMCA.  I wanted to get the kids swimming lessons and, remembering last winter, I wanted a place where we could go to just get out of the house.  We haven’t actually used the membership yet.  We just registered on Saturday and there were a few things we needed before we went.  Locks for locker for instance.  Oh, and I needed a pair of sneakers that had laces.  And was not slip on.  I got both of them yesterday and I am going to try my bestest to go there tomorrow morning.  I’ll let you know how that goes.



Sorry, had to do it.