Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh, that's right, the Edaville post

I just realized I never wrote our Edaville USA post.

This year I wanted to try and make it to Edaville with the kids. For those of you not familiar with this place, during the holidays they set up a Holiday lights display. There are plenty of kiddie rides and Santa is also there for you to visit. We happened to get tickets at Meghan's Family Fun night so we picked a day to go.

I think we may have picked one of the coldest nights ever. It was absolutely freezing out. And very damp. Meghan managed to fall into a puddle after only the second ride. So she spent the rest of the time without any gloves. I don't think it bothered her much. She had a blast. Sean even went on a few rides.

Sean did not want to sit still on the train.

This family loves photo, can't you tell?

Ohh, pretty lights.

Sean got to ride all by himself.

Daddy gets to ride the spinny ones, Mommy does not do spinny rides.

I have no idea.

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Unknown said...

I despise cold LOL but it looks like a good time was still had so mission accomplished :)