Friday, December 05, 2008

A Night of Preschool Fun

Last night Meghan's school had a Family Fun Night. It was our first one so we really were not sure what to expect. They had a silent auction to benefit the school, some food and entertainment for the kids.
We spent most of the time chasing Sean. He wanted to run (of course) and seemed fascinated by the cheese puffs scattered about the floor. I would have been more comfortable to let him roam a bit if he did not have the milk allergy. Basically we spent an hour and a half either chasing or holding Sean.

Ryan did a good job keeping up with our silent auction bids. We won 3 of them. Tickets to Edaville USA, Davis' Farmland and Southwick's Zoo. All things we plan to do anyway.

Meghan had a blast. She has never been much of a joiner. She usually wanders away and does her own thing. Or, she stares at the performance completely spaced out but not participating completely. But, apparently there is one performer that will hold her attention and get her up and moving.

She watched the whole show. Laughing and singing along.

Sean even stopped every once in awhile to watch.

Sean carrying his "safe" snack.

But what really surprised me was when it was time to get up and dance, Meghan got up and danced. You can just see she was having the time of her life.

Of course if you ask her about it today all she remembers is the giant cookie she was eating and then lost as we were leaving.

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Evan and Lauren's Cool Blog said...

I saw that same puppet guy at Ipswich park in Reading. Kids loved it.