Monday, March 17, 2008

Sean's (Delayed) Birthday Recap

We had a small party for Sean's 1st Birthday a few weeks ago. (I know, I know. It took me this long to upload the pictures.)

He was generally in a great mood all day. It snowed that morning so we did not go to Gymboree but he still took a good nap before the party started. My original plan was to make all sorts of dairy-free food he could eat. But, since he still gags on solid food. I gave up on that plan and just made my normal party food (except for some special non-dairy cupcakes). Sean also got a special give of vegan cupcakes which looked much better that mine so we used that as his birthday cake.

What's going on?


He still threw up. But just a little bit.

Then it was time to open gifts.

He started off good.

Then decided that the paper was tasty.

Then Meghan reluctantly took over the job of opening the gifts while Sean continued his afternoon snack.

The End.