Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sean's Allergy Update.

For those of you who have been following, we had an appointment with the allergist last Monday. Sean's milk allergy was confirmed by a scratch test. He is allergic to both the proteins in milk. So, now we just avoid milk for a year and have him tested again. Seems simple enough (humph).

We also had an appointment with the Growth and Nutrition clinic last week. This was a 90 minute visit which involved lots of talking about his history and eating issues. We talked about the gagging (Oh, the gagging. Will it ever end?) and other problems he has had in the past. The the team goes into another room and watches me feed him through a two-way mirror. And they saw the gagging (at least no puke this time). So they discussed what to do. Their thought is that he has trouble if food is not all one consistency. So he gets surprised if a chunk appears in otherwise smooth food. So we need to stick with one consistency at a time. Cheerios and other crunchy finger foods seem to be fine. But, we need to puree others to the same overall consistency before feeding him.

Plus, he is a bit under weight so there was much discussion on how to fatten him up a bit. Most of their recommendations involve some sort of dairy. In fact, I have a handout of how to introduce more fat into his diet and I think I can use maybe a tenth of it (and that is being generous). That means for the next month Sean gets to eat as much dairy-free ice cream as he wants. Lucky guy.