Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today Sean is one

I can hardly believe it. It seems like this year went very fast. And yet, a lot happened in the past year.

He still seems so little. Maybe that is because we spent 2 months trying to figure out why he was not gaining weight. He was 3 months when he had his surgery. Or, maybe it is because he still only wants to eat baby food and wants nothing to do with table food. Or maybe it is just because I have his sister to compare him to.

Sean is a little loverboy. Always giving giving hugs and kisses. He follows his sister around. Chases (and once caught) the cat. Loves to play on the piano and dances to music.

We will be celebrating his Birthday on Saturday with just a small party. I need to try a recipe for dairy-free cupcakes so he will have something special ti try (although based on recent exposure to food he will probably just throw it back up).

Tomorrow is his 1 year checkup. I'll post another update afterwards.

Happy Birthday Sean!!!!!