Tuesday, February 26, 2008

$25 a pop

We were at the pediatrician's office...again. I think I have been there at least once a week since the start of the year. I've spent a small fortune in copay. Yippee.

Yesterday's visit was for Meghan. Her little hernia popped out again. The doctor this time agreed with the last one and is referring us to a pediatric surgeon. We are just waiting for them to set up an appointment. Apparently it is not an emergency because it goes back inside itself. We were told that if it does not retreat back and sticks out it is an emergency. So we are on hernia watch.

And, I know for a fact that we are not done with the doctor visits for the week. Sean has his one year check up on Friday. That's right. He turns one this week (Thursday to be exact). I can hardly believe it.

I'll hopefully be back with pictures soon. I have not taken any since our trip. I think my camera may still be packed in a bag somewhere.....