Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Little Angels

Yes, yes, they are both adorable. But you cannot completely comprehend the destruction that my little ones can cause unless you experience it first-hand.

As I mentioned yesterday, today was my day to work from home. The morning was pretty successful. Although we did wake up to this:

That's right, it's the shade in Meghan's room.

Anyway, everyone was dressed, fed, dishes done, laundry started, and I even got some work done before 9AM. I'd say that's pretty darn good. And I am so grateful that I stayed home today. Ryan did not get to work until 9Am. And he left just before 7AM. For those of you who are too lazy to do the math, that is a 2-hour commute. If I had that commute (which I would have had I gone into work) I am pretty sure my first action of the day would be to quit my job.

How did the meeting go? Wonderfully, thanks for asking. The first 15 minutes had me worried. Meghan could not find Bunny, then, once found, I was told repeatedly that bunny was cute. Sean was practicing his paci removal and re-insertion technique and kept dropping the thing out of the swing. But, after 15 silence.


(For those of you wondering about the Leapster, LeapFrog support did respond this afternoon saying I should clean the battery connectors with an eraser and some other obviously useless nonsense. But, just to say I told them so, I will follow their instructions and respond back with a "still broken" email.)