Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Seaside - The Arrival

My original plan was to document the week in Seaside Heights daily. That did not happen. I had also hoped to capture images of all the craziness. That also did not happen. So here is what I am left with, a general recap of the week with some pictures here and there. Your just going to have to use your imagination.

So, let's back up, the family spent the week in Seaside Heights. Yes, everyone was there at one time or another. Seven adults, 3 children and the occasional adult visitor or two.

There may be some people out there unfamiliar with Seaside Heights (which I will call SH from now on because I am a clumsy typist). I am not sure I can do it justice with my meager vocabulary. I wanted to take a picture that described the heart of the town. My first attempt came out all blurry-like. Second was not much better. So instead, here are some picture that make it look better than expected.

The Boardwalk

Casino Pier

(I suppose I could have cropped out the trash can, but hey, it was there)

But the picture that I think most captures the spirit of the town is this one:

Yes, that is the type of quality merchandise you will find up and down the boardwalk. And believe me, people not only purchase it, but they also wear it.

Our 4 hour or so trip down was as good as can be expected with a 2 year old and a 6 month old stuffed into a packed car all morning long. I should have taken a picture of the car. It was crazy full.

The house was a nice upgrade over recent SH lodging (previous homes had few bedroom, no a/c, no cable, one bathroom, etc.)

Ryan was quickly made aware of our lovely neighbors who were screaming obscenities at each other as he unpacked a car. It should be noted that the two arguing were a child (10 yo maybe?) and his mother. Nice! Welcome to Seaside!

Stay tuned....