Thursday, September 13, 2007

I get a treat??

Day: Wednesday

Time: Somewhere between 8:30PM and 9:00 PM

Meghan has been put to bed, which means she is playing with every toy in her room. Momma is across the hall reading.

Rumble, bang, scratch, bang.

Momma (thinking): What is she doing in there?

Meghan opens her bedroom door.

Momma: Meghan, go back to bed.

Meghan: Momma, I'm wet.

Momma: What?

Meghan: I go pee pees. My diaper is dirty.

Momma: Where did you go pee pees?

Meghan: In da room.

Momma quickly heads to Meghan's room.

Momma: Where?

Meghan (pointing): There!

Momma looks down and see puddle. The quickly realizes puddle is by trash can.

Pan to trash can - lots of pee pee in trash can.

Momma: Meghan, what did you do?

Meghan. I go pee pees in the trash. I get a treat?


That's right, in the trash can. Which, okay, she is starting to get it, good. But, other than the obvious problem of using the trash can (which I can only imagine how she balanced herself there), we had an additional issue. This is her trash can.

Notice its mesh-like, hole-y sides. Doesn't help much with liquid containment.