Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Turks & Caicos: Part I just want to finish this already


I lost track of exactly what I mentioned and what I may not have.  I do know that I skipped the pools.  There are a BUNCH of pools at the Beaches resort.  Plus, a water park.

Water Park

Since we were last there, they have added some waterslides, a lazy river and a kids water area.  The lazy river was nice.  Relaxing.  I did go on one of the slides and it was pretty fun.  The kids loved the smaller slides and pirate ship water area.  Sean did manage to whack his head on the concrete at the bottom of one slide the very first day we were there.  They should really extend the cushy mats they have and anchor them to the ground somehow.  They were sliding away from the slides.

Oh, and they have a surf simulator but we did not try it.

And I managed to get exactly zero pictures of the water park.


If we were going to go to a pool, we hit either the French Village or the new Italian Village pool.  Both were heated and both had a small kids pool.  Every pool had a bar so that was never a concern.  Because that, obviously, is a requirement.

 DSCF0302 DSCF0286 DSCF0297 DSCF0300

***We did not receive any type of compensation at all for these wonderfully descriptive (ahem) reviews.  However, if Sandals resorts would like to offer us a vacation we would not turn them away.  :)