Friday, March 19, 2010



Sean turned another year older a few weeks ago which means it’s time for his doctors to poke and prod again.  So far he has had his physical and his allergy retest.  Next week is the pulmonologist.  Growth and Nutrition is a few weeks after that.

First up, his physical.

This went pretty well.  Although he has all of a sudden become a bit wary of doctors.  He used to see them every week when he was younger.  But now that a few months have passed between visits he has decided to protest.  Meghan is still worse.  She cannot even watch someone else get a shot.  We can probably rule out a medical career path for that one.

His stats:

Height: 36.5”

Weight: 27.13lbs

He’s progressing.  That puts him above the 5th percentile for weight.  Which makes him normal.  However, I’m not going to count it until his growth and nutrition appointment.  There they are more precise with the weight measurement.  Plus, he was fully dressed this time.  He does seem to be doing well, though.

Next, the allergist.

Aaaand… change.

He is still allergic to milk and milk protein.  He gets retested in a year. 

I was hoping that he wouldn’t have to start preschool with his food allergy.  Maybe we can shoot for Kindergarten.


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