Wednesday, November 28, 2007


We have a runner. Meghan will take any chance to bolt away. Drives me bonkers.

She ran from me last night when I picked her up. Before I got Sean in the car. And once she starts, she keeps on going. So there I was trying to chase her while holding the baby in his carrier.

Let me tell you, that girl can run fast. I could not catch up with her. So I stopped, told her I was leaving her and started walking back to the car. That's when I heard "I'm coming momma!"

Ugh, I think we need a leash. Or I need a third arm so I can hold her hand, Sean and open the car door at the same time. I'm guessing the leash is easier to come by.


Anonymous said...

oooooo... this is actually one of my greatest fears as a mom. Good for you for a tricky recovery!

Mama Keith said...

My 4 yr old used to do that to me. I have found that if I give her something to carry and tell her to carry it for momma because my hands are full and tell her to stay next to me. I also make her hang onto any part of me, shirt tail, purse, sissy's hand while i am carrying sissy, something so i know she is there because i walk faster than her and feel her tugging to keep up with me. Good luck at finding something that works for you.