Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Meghan's Night-Night Time Procrastination Techniques

Here is just a sampling of every night in our house:

  1. I not tired
  2. I need water (or Water's empty, Momma)
  3. I need kisses, Momma
  4. I need Daddy kisses
  5. I need all the kisses
  6. I need big hugs
  7. Bunny needs kisses
  8. I need to give Sean kisses
  9. I need an animal. (Which one? Hmm, which one? This one, or this one? Hmm...)
  10. I need to go potty
  11. I go pee pee in my diaper.
  12. I need my blankie
  13. Bunny needs blankie
  14. I need to read a book
  15. Momma read it
  16. My pillow fell down
  17. I need the light on
  18. I need the light off
  19. I can't close the door
  20. I need to sleep in Momma's bed
  21. I need to watch baseball (football) with Daddy
  22. Madison is in my room
  23. I can't find Bunny (or Bunny's hiding)
  24. (Crying with her jammies unzipped which we take to mean she is uncomfortable and needs to be changed)