Monday, October 08, 2007

"Organized" Sports

Saturday was Meghan's first official day of soccer. I was not quite sure how she would react. Possibilities included:

  1. Stand still and let kids play around her.
  2. Cry whenever someone took a ball from her.
  3. Refuse to participate and insist on playing in playground.
  4. All of the above.
As you can see, I did not have very high expectations. Meghan used to go to Gymboree. She loved playing on all the jungle gym type stuff but would never participate in the song circle. She is not much of a joiner. But I figured soccer would at least get her out running around for an hour.

She actually did much better than I thought. She was tentative at first but then did follow the herd for about 15-20% of the time. The coaches were great at trying to get her to participate. She kicked the ball a few times and played "red light, green light". There was one incident where she ran. Ran like the wind. One poor coach was trying to catch her but kept looking back for help. Ryan had to intercept her on the baseball field. At one point, while the other kids were playing around with the soccer balls, Meghan was doing some sort of dance that involved patting her knees and clapping her hands. And towards the end of the hour she decided she would rather play with the leaves.

There were only two crying episode. The first was when she collided with a larger girl and lost her shoe. The second was when a kid kicked the ball into her back. But she recovered quickly from both. Not bad for a 3 year old who did not nap.

We have to keep reminding her that she was playing soccer and not "baseballs".

I asked her if she wants to go back next week.

She said "Yeah! And we pway whif da weaves, Momma?!?"


9milemom said...

The soccer fun is only beginning...we have been part of the "organized" sport of soccer for 4 years now. Every year is different and new!

By the by, who do you want to win in Survivor China?

Dorene said...

It's still too early for me to tell. I have trouble keeping them all straight until about half are gone. I can only tell you who annoys the bejezus outta me. The rest soft of fade into the background.