Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Celebration: The Recap

Meghan's birthday is such an important even that one day of celebration is not adequate. So we celebrated twice. Party 1 was Saturday. Party 2 on Monday.

Party 1:

This was the bigger event of the two. The party was great. Everyone asks how many kids were there. I honestly am not quite sure. They would not sit still long enough to count them. I am going to guess around 7..or maybe 8? I don't know, it was somewhere between a bunch and a herd.

Meghan started off the party with some tea.

Then it was time to eat.

She was ready to sing Happy Birthday.

Sean was having a blast.

The it was time for presents.

And then she passed out watching Yo Gabba Gabba.

Party 2:

This was a more intimate affair. But still with all the required Birthday elements.


(Meghan got tired of waiting for Daddy to come back inside)


Party Dresses:

Whew. Now we have like 5 months before our next big birthday bash. Good. Because I need a nap.