Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wait, how many days do we have left?


When I found out I was pregnant I downloaded about 10 different iPhones apps to monitor, record, plan, track, etc. my way through the next 9 months.  I’ve opened them, I don’t know, maybe 7 or 8 times since then…total.  This is baby number 3.  No biggie.  I’ve done this before.  But, I think I should have paid a wee bit more attention because when I opened one app today it told me I have “22 more days!”.  Um, excuse me?  Wait, what?  Huh?

We are less than prepared.*  If this little guy decides he wants to exit sooner than we’ve planned we will be scrambling.  I’ve decided there is very little we have to purchase this time but everything we do have is….somewhere.  Attic, I think.  Pretty sure.  I don’t think it’s in storage.  Except for the crib.  But we don’t need that right away anyway.  The bassinet should be fine.  And, okay, maybe we do need to buy a new crib because since the last kid ours has been declared a death trap.  Whatever, we will worry about that one later.

What have I done?  I bought a few boxes of diapers.  And ordered wipes.  Oh, and I put the pad on the changing table.  Apparently poop has been my priority.  At least we won’t have to catch it with our hands.

It’s not like I haven’t thought about getting the other stuff done.  It’s just that the past week or so has been SO hot.  I did nothing.  Now that the weather is tolerable I’ve been spending time catching up on other things to ensure that our other two children are clothed and fed.  Important stuff like that.

Tonight Ryan will hopefully go in search of the bassinet, bouncy seat, infant car seat and base, swing, baby bath, infant boys clothing, play mat, monitor, etc. which will hopefully all be in working order.  I’ve placed online (of course) orders for pacifiers, wipes, bottles (to replace our old ones which were, I’m told, made with poison), nipples and a diaper pail to replace the NASTY one we tossed.

Maybe, just maybe, they will let us bring this one home from the hospital.**


* We did get a new car so we can transport all 3 children at the same time.  It’s a…….minivan.

** We’ve finally settled on a name which is one of the requirements.  And we have the minivan.  If we can find the car seat we should be covered.

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Unknown said...

My sister used to be very germ conscious and afraid to let people even look at her kid if they hadn't washed their hands. Now she's on her third kid, who dropped its binky on the kitchen floor that had been tainted by bare feet all day, and allowed me to stick it back in the kid's mouth without even rinsing it! I'm sure the whole instinct thing will kick in!

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