Tuesday, January 05, 2010

First post of 2010


Like the title?  I’m not even sure what the topic of this post is so that seemed to fit.

Last year ended with a 3 hour visit from the cable repairman and then me watching the ball drop while everyone else was asleep.

This year started with fireworks, which woke up Sean.  And everything the cable guy fixed broke again within 24 hours of his visit.  Awesome.

Our internet connection is back.  Thankfully.  I’ve never been so happy to have an iPhone.  We were losing both the internet and phone at times.  So the iPhone was my connection to the outside world.

Ryan is in Aix en Provence for work this week.  Whenever he is gone I hear every creak and squeak at night.  Our house can be noisy.  I cannot fall asleep before midnight.  At least Sean slept until 8AM today.

I’m so ready for vacation.  Less than a month away.  It seemed so much closer now that I’ve been exchanging emails with the chef about Sean’s food restrictions.  This will be the first time he will be eating something prepared by a restaurant.  For an entire week no less.  They seem to be knowledgeable enough to ask me all the right questions so I’m feeling better about it.  I told them as long as they can make chicken nuggets without and milk protein in them we should be all set.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently.  My laptop hard drive got fried again last month*.  And a lot of the stuff I thought was getting backed up actually wasn’t getting backed up.  Apparently the default settings for my backup software do not include copying video or music files.  WTH?  Which means I lost almost a years worth of original video footage.  To say I was upset is an understatement.  I am so glad I have this blog and the internet because I was at least able to grab the videos I posted online.  Resolution?  Back up everything.  Twice.

Oh, and Happy New Year!!!!


*This happened the same time we lost the internet connection for an entire weekend.  Coincidence?