Thursday, May 14, 2009

I’ve been buried under my TiVo backlog


I should post more often.  But my excuse is my TiVo.  We were so backed up on shows that we needed to watch a show in order to free up space to record another one.  It was stressful.  Especially this time of year when we have all the finales.  I think we are now out of the danger zone and have enough space to at least get us to Sunday.


So what have we been up to?  (Bullets!)

  • We discovered Sean HATES peanut butter.  He will try to wipe it off his tongue and if I’m really lucky he will also puke.
  • Meghan’s dance recital is just a few weeks away.  When the parent watch the class practice the routine she giggles the entire time.  This should be interesting.
  • Sean flushed his toothbrush.
  • Facebook has decided that I don’t need to run some apps because they never load for me.  This has freed up a surprising amount of my time.
  • Sean knows some of the Hi-5 dance routines and dances along with him.  I’m sure his father is proud.
  • Meghan is obsessed with The JumpAroundsThis cannot be a good sign. What kind of music will she be listening to when she is twelve?  Nevermind, I don’t want to know.
  • I think The Real Housewives of New Jersey just may turn out to be the BEST SHOW EVER.
  • Sean starts his group sessions for Early Intervention next week.  Two and a half hours long.  Its been almost a year since I dropped him off anywhere.  I’m interested to see how that goes (for both of us).
  • Ryan is playing softball which means he gets home pretty late some nights.
  • Eating a Big Mac after 10PM is a bad idea.  Trust me.
  • I have not seen LOST yet so I am avoiding most of the internet.

The End.