Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Um, what year is it today?


I wrote out a check last night and dated it 2002.  Stupid years keep changing on me.  It is very difficult to keep track of.  Plus, I was filling out a form for Meghan's school and I started to write my own name in the student section.  So apparently I also think it could be the mid-90s because that was the last time I was any kind of student.

New Years Resolutions are not my thing.  They never last anyway.  And I would just choose something outrageous and totally out of my control.  Like "this year I am going to win millions of dollars".  So, instead I'll create a list of things that would be nice to haves, or nice to dos.  Kinda like a wish list. 

  • Get dressed before 9 AM on weekdays.
  • Take kids to Disney World
  • Try to plan weekly menus before going shopping
  • Use every last gift card in my wallet before stores/restaurants go kaput.
  • Actually use the 7283647592 hair/beauty products littering our bathroom closet.
  • Turn computer off by 10:30 each night.
  • Read more
  • Use Wii Fit at least 3-4 times each week.
  • Get better at managing our money.  And, if someone would like to toss a few million dollars our way that would be totally awesome.

There we go, not too scary.  And I would like to point out that it is currently 7:35 and I am sitting at the laptop completely dressed in clothes I can leave the house in.  So there.  Of course I am waiting for groceries to be delivered any minute now.  But, it still counts.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I love this post. I do stuff like this ALL OF THE TIME. I'm glad I'm in good company.