Friday, August 17, 2007

The Weekend Happy List.

It is finally the weekend.

Things I am looking forward to this weekend:

  1. Shopping at Target - alone: That's right, I said alone, not even one child with me. Woo-hoo. I've got a gajillion things I need to buy and I may even have time to look around a bit. I know, crazy talk.
  2. Spending some quality time with the TiVo: I am so behind. Need to catch up. Otherwise how will I know if Scott Baio is still 45 and single?
  3. Sunday is cheat day: What, do you need more explanation? Ok, we are trying this diet that allows us to cheat one day a week. we can eat anything we want that day. Thank the Lord. 'Cause I am stahvin'. Ryan questioned if we are currently consuming enough calories to sustain life. Well, we are still here......Grumpy and tired, but here.
  4. Sleep: Wait, who am I kidding. That is not going to happen. Humph.
  5. Time with kiddies: Of course. (No, I did not need to go back and edit this post to add this one. It was there all along. I swear.)